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At Bayes, we understand that different businesses and industries have different water quality requirements. Our water treatment systems improve taste, remove odor, remove hardness and iron — which can cause labor-intensive maintenance — and deliver the high-quality water that your business requires.



High Quality Water Matters

From protecting your restaurant’s dishwasher to process water for commercial and industrial applications, Bayes can design and build water treatment systems to your customized specifications. Some of the applications that we’ve designed water treatment systems for include:

Boiler Treatment

Whether you have an open or a closed loop system, Bayes can design a single tank metered-demand system or a multi tank progressive system to accommodate your boiler requirements. 

Car Washes

Car wash customers expect a clean and spot free auto wash. Softening and reverse osmosis systems can be designed and installed based on your water quality and car wash size. Whether your car wash is self-serve, automatic, or a combination, we can help with the proper sizing of water treatment equipment.

Controlled Atmosphere Rooms

For treating the water in controlled atmosphere room cooling towers, let our experience work for you.


Residential and commercial irrigation can present challenges with iron staining and lime/calcium build up. From a residential system at 10 gpm to a commercial system at over 300 gpm, we can design a system that removes the staining properties.

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Milking Parlors

The USDA requires wash down of all milking equipment. We can design a water conditioner for every type of wash-down equipment.

Process Water

Process water is a common name for water that cannot be classified as drinking water but is used in technical plants, production company processes, heat and power plants, and institutions. Process water has undergone a more extensive treatment (i.e., softening and demineralization.) We can help you meet your specific needs for softening or purity.


Restaurant guests demand water and ice that don’t smell funky and your staff needs to ensure a clean and sanitary environment. We can help meet these requirements. Contact Bayes to custom fit a system that meets any of the following needs:

    • Hot water feeds to dishwashers
    • Complete facility water softening
    • Softening, purification, and taste and odor removal
    • Ice makers, steamers, and soda/drink stations


What's Being Said About Bayes?

“I was having problems with a new water softener that another company installed a few months ago. I called and talked to Jan. She was very informative and gave me a lot of new information to work with so I would be more knowledgeable when I called the company that installed my softener. If they treat people that good who wont be spending money with their company, I can imagine they treat the ones who are wonderfully.”
Addison Byers Sparta, MI

Safe water can't wait.

If you’re interested in high-quality drinking water, don’t hesitate to request a Free Water Test.