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Ways You Can Count On Bayes:

  • Being in business for 50+ years, Bayes provides a level of experience that is hard to find elsewhere.
  • Bayes Water is a member of the National Water Quality Association and has certified water treatment specialists on staff.
  • Bayes can build and design products for any type of water concern, creating custom products specifically designed for you.
  • Bayes purchases components and equipment from American manufacturers, so when you buy from us, you're supporting “local” businesses across the nation.
  • If you're unsure of what's causing your water problem, Bayes can help you discover it, understand it, and suggest possible solutions free of charge.
  • If you aren’t sure if you need water treatment, Bayes can provide you with a free water test.
  • If you are unsure how long you’ll need a product, Bayes offers affordable rental rates.
Heard an unusual sound coming from our water softener midday, so I called Bayes. He [Bayes Installer] looked it over found and it had merely been recycling midday vs 2 AM, due to a power outage. He reset it, tested the water for iron and hardness, and that was that. He could have said the unit was bad and I would have been none-the-wiser and replaced it, but as it is, it will be replaced within a year or two, and hopefully, this recommendation will get them several more customers. I highly recommend these guys.”
Chuck Miller

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