Meet Our Staff

Travis Gray - Owner

Andrea Gray - Owner

Jim - Installation & Service Manager

With Bayes Since 1994

Barry - Service Technician

With Bayes Since 2002

Ken - R&D Manager

With Bayes Since 2009

Lance - Salt Delivery

With Bayes Since 2020

Zach G. - Lead Installer

With Bayes Since 2015

Holly - Customer Service

With Bayes Since 2015

Jaxson - Office & Warehouse

With Bayes Since 2022

Chris L. - Sales Representative

with Bayes since 2023

Danielle M. - Business Administrator

with Bayes since 2023

Adam Y. - Field Technician

with Bayes since 2023

Let’s get you taken care of.

If you think (or know) you need Bayes Water’s services, you can reach us by phone at
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