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At Bayes, we specialize in the design, assembly, installation, and maintenance of American-made water treatment products for commercial and industrial applications. With over 50 years of experience characterized and shaped by a family-oriented integrity, we have the skill, discipline, and knowledge to deliver quality products and services to your facility.

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Water Filtration

Water Filters are used to remove impurities in water creating better tasting, smelling, and looking water.

You might need a water filtration system if you have:

  • Reddish brown stains in your sinks or toilets
  • Discolored water
  • Sediment in your water
  • Potential contaminants in your water


Water softeners can remove up to 2ppm of iron. For water with iron levels above 2ppm, filtration and iron removal may be needed. In most applications, iron can be removed without salt or chemicals, however, in situations where iron levels are exceedingly high, chemicals may be required. Contact Bayes to design a system specifically for your water conditions.


Hydrogen sulfide is what causes rotten egg odor in water and standard water softeners cannot remove this smell. In the past, hydrogen sulfide was removed through chemical injection. Chemical treatment is still used, but with today’s advanced technology there are other options. Contact Bayes to assess your facility’s waters odor and design a system to remove the hydrogen sulfide.

Chlorine and Chloramines

Municipalities use chlorine and chloramines to disinfect potable water. This may leave a residual chlorine level, which in some applications can adversely affect process water, food preparation, and taste. In addition to chlorine, byproducts may be generated which have been proven to be harmful. Contact Bayes to design a system to reduce or remove chlorine and chloramines in your business’s water.


Whether light and fluffy or course and sandy, sediment may cause problems in appliances and production equipment. Contact Bayes to design a system to remove sediment before it can do damage.


Your appliances and production equipment may require soft water to maintain warranties. Hardness from calcium, magnesium, and lime will create scale build up that creates inefficiencies and early failure of equipment. Contact Bayes to design a water softener for any application.

Single Tank Water Softener

Single tank water softeners are designed to regenerate according to water usage. The regeneration will be programmed to take place when little or no water is being used. Contact Bayes to design your system.

Conventional Water Softener

Conventional water softeners use sodium chloride (salt) to regenerate. The softener is cleaned (regenerated) and made ready to remove hardness and iron after the system capacity is reached. Contact Bayes to design a system for you.

Twin Tank Water Softener

Twin tank water softeners are designed to provide 24/7 soft water. When the online tank reaches capacity, the second tank is brought online so the exhausted tank can regenerate. Once regenerated, the tank is in standby mode until needed. Contact Bayes to design a twin tank system.

Progressive Systems

Progressive systems typically utilize two or more tanks to meet extremely high water usage. As demand for water flow increases, the system will automatically bring additional tanks online to accommodate the higher flow. Contact Bayes to determine if a progressive system is right for your building.

Reverse Osmosis Purifiers

Some appliances and many types of process equipment require high-quality, high-purity water. Reverse osmosis can be the proper application. Contact Bayes to design a system to meet your gallon-per-day needs.

You might need one if you:

  • Are concerned with potential contaminants (lead, chlorine, etc.)
  • Have noticed a change in the taste of your drinking water
  • Want to remove sodium from soft water
  • Are interested in clearer looking ice cubes


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