Does your water need to be treated?

At Bayes, we believe it is not just our job to provide quality water treatment to our customers, but to provide the necessary information and testing you need to be well-informed about your options. So even if you aren’t exactly sure if you need our services, we would love to put you at ease with a free water test. All we need to do is sample, test, and analyze your water. We can do an in-home water test or you can bring a water sample to our office.

How does a water test work?

  1. Fill out the form below (or call us) to set up an appointment.
  2. Either bring a water sample to our office or we’ll stop by your house to do an in-home water test.
  3. Discuss the results with a Bayes specialist and receive important advice and recommendations.

Have questions about your water?

Fill out the form below, email us, call us, or stop in at Bayes Water Treatment to get your water tested.