Iron Removal

There are many filters for iron/odor removal on the market today. From the simple backwashing units to the elaborate multi-tank with compressors, degasifiers, micronizers, etc… Chemical regenerating systems are still being used in today’s market and do have their place, however, as today’s consumer looks closer at the environmental impact of those chemical systems, our industry has been forced to think outside the box.

We have stepped outside the box and developed the “Iron Guardian”. Our system uses the best known natural oxidizer, oxygen, without any of the previously mentioned methods.

Removes Iron and Sulfur from your water without any chemicals. Removes dissolved and precipitated iron and sulfur in high concentrations.

  • Chemical and salt free designed and assembled by Bayes Water Treatment
  • Totally Automatic
  • Single Tank Design
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Residential Systems

Commercial applications are available.
Our products can remove 100% of your Iron and Sulfur without the use of chemicals.